Kitana HooksThe sharpest, toughest, most durable knife edge and precision point hooks available.
Forged from the toughest steel and crafted by professionals, Kitana Hooks are the sharpest, toughest, most durable hooks available to swimbaits today.

Designed with ultra sharp ends and secondary hooks ready to catch on the slightest jerk of your prey, Kitana Hooks are guaranteed to stick.
KitanaTM Hooks are Japanese Quality TOURNAMENT GRADE HOOKSTM with KNIFE EDGETM cutouts or PRECISION POINTSTM that are chemically sharpened for the easiest hook sets with maximum penetration with the least amount of force available today!

Look for this logo on your next purchase to ensure you're getting only the best.
Look for this logo on
your next swimbait purchase

Round Bend Worm Hook

EWG Heavy Hook

EWG Circle Hook

Aberdeen Light Wire Hook

EWG Standard Hook

Offset Wide Gap Hook